Back when I lived on my own for a spell, I have fond memories of getting in from work, booting up the 360, loading up Risk Factions and along with my brother and 3 CPUs Scraping it out for world domination over Xbox Live, almost daily.

A decade has passed and in that time the game has been removed from the MS Store and as such any Xbox One backward compatible version was never going to happen. As such, this game is a major reason I not only still regularly use my 360, but why I just purchased a slim model (with HDMI port) to get stuck in on the new TV in the lounge.

During Mark’s visit last week, a day after the new 360 arrived, we thought it would be good to blow the digital dust off of this gem and put it through its paces. And after a bit of faffing about (as this is the moment I realised the game had been removed from the store) so our solution involved a USB key and a few trips between my old core Xbox 360 and the new one to bring across OOP items (including Gauntlet – the first arcade game I bought when I got my core 360), and we eventually were ready to begin.

That’s a lot of troops…

We obviously enjoy the board game original, but assuming that’s a given for anyone still reading a post on the game Risk, this is still an incredible version of the classic and would recommend people new to Risk to throw themselves in on this one (if you can get hold of it!).

It was like seeing an old friend, We felt right at home, we remembered our characters, And soon remembered all the little extra features of gameplay Factions has, and I personally was so happy that the characters, illustrations and the animation were as good as I remembered it to be. this game has so much unique personality to it and it is an absolute joy to play and it has most definitely stood the test of time. The couple of local multiplayer with the same old 3 CPUs went down a storm, aside from Mark beating me. And I’ve got at least a solo game in against 4 CPUs every morning this week before the nursery run and work…

I love the smell of Coffee and napalm in the morning.

*Risk Factions is currently available on Steam for £7.99 as of this post, but I can’t vouch for how that version plays.)