Par for the course when it comes to 2020, but I noticed the date today and couldn’t fathom where the year has gone! I’ve not posted for so long and as such, I wish to post an update to fill in some of the blanks.

With everything going on in the world, I’m one of the lucky ones where I’ve been able to work from home, but work has only gotten busier, freelance work also picked up in the evenings and all this whilst attempting to buy our first house. Throw into the mix a toddler to care for, no nursery and my wife working from home alongside me, and hobbies had to (rightfully) take a backseat, let alone writing about them!

But at the end of August, we finally moved! We have so many projects we want to do, and one of these is the game room. I will post updates when I have them. I have big plans and look forward to sharing as it all comes together.

Game-wise, I’ve made some more pickups which I’ll retrospectively post about when I can, all have been added to the CLZ app for anyone that is interested, as are any I’ve completed in that time.

I’ve been LOVING my new Wii U and I had a blast playing through and completing both Zeldas: Windwaker HD and Twilight Princess HD. The latter being for the first time too and the Windwaker play thorough firmly cementing it as one of my favourite games of all time – I actually can’t wait to play it AGAIN already on my new setup (when complete).

I also completed Doom 2016 on the Xbox One X, Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii, and at long last Streets of Rage 4.  

I was able to secure a pre-order for the Xbox Series X which I can’t wait to get my hands on. I’ve begun playing Red Dead Redemption 2, Doom Eternal (both once Jasper has gone to bed), Super Mario 3D World, a whole heap of On-Rush and a whole bunch of Pac-man games. Overall I’m looking forward to documenting the Game Room build and enjoying a winter of gaming in our new house.

And finally, as a result of all previous schedules, patterns, breaks, downtime and such going right out the window in 2020 I set aside Thursday evenings as my game night, and it is fantastic. I look forward to it each week, as it’s on the cards I’m never double-booked, or feel like I’ve let someone down, it’s my night, my time to do as a please and its done wonders for my mental health in the face of the challenges this year has presented. This may seem like an odd thing to have to do to some, but to anyone in a serious relationship (with a non-gamer), a career and/or a child you know where I’m coming from with this and I highly advise you strike a similar deal and book some solid ‘you time’ in – trust me, it’s needed.

Take care!