The Marseille mCable arrived from the States today. Hooked it up to the set up in the lounge via the new HDMI splitter box and put it through its paces. More to come on this in the future, but it really does work, and the further back through the console generations you go the bigger difference it makes.

The only way to show a comparison is via photos of the screen, and it simply doesn’t do it justice, you need to see it in motion, and as I say lower resolution earlier consoles benefit far greater from it (however only as far back as 3D graphics, not 2D pixels as anti-aliasing is only of benefit to ‘jaggies’ on diagonal lines in 3D graphics. The 360 looks incredible.

Even though it has a smaller degree of effect on recent consoles, and will have zero impact on 4K signals (it bypasses the chip and becomes a very expensive HDMI cable in those instances) the Switch does benefit from it. Even though it was reported Zelda: Breath of the Wild wouldn’t be improved at all given its resolution, I beg to differ, it is very VERY subtle, and again the picture cannot do it justice, but it just cleans the edges up ever so slightly and in motion it’s fantastic.

If interested (and if they still have stock) I got mine here. As an import, you may have to shop around to secure one for yourself. Also, 3 foot really is quite short for an HDMI cable. It works for me due to my splitter, but just something to be aware of.