Had my eye on this since it was first announced and today it arrived in the post.

until 2019 I was still getting by with the 2 Mega Drive pads that we got when we got our Mega Drive at Christmas as kids. They are still doing their job, but have taken a beating and both rattle when shaken (standard). I’ll hold on to them for sure (and for 4/8 player Micro Machines 2), but it was time to upgrade and I ordered 2 of the new Retro-bit control pads back in March, one in classic black, and one in the funky clear blue.

After trying these out I can confirm they really do feel like the originals, and function great. They are officially licensed by SEGA, and Retro-bit had access to the original specs and moulds, and it shows. And by originals, I mean the 6 button revised design that came out during the Mega Drives lifetime.

Following on for how well-received these were I pre-ordered the wireless Bluetooth version which arrived this week.

Just like the wired versions above, this feels spot on, and it comes With 2 Wireless adapters, one for the original Mega Drive port, and one USB adapter for use on the Switch and PC.

This is a game-changer. The wired pads above have much longer cables than the originals, but to play a Megadrive with a wireless pad… that’s nuts, and something I never thought I’d see.

The added perk that this works with the Switch and PC – perfect for the Mega Drive Collection and the mass of 2D Indie games available on Switch, and I’m very much looking forward to finally playing Chrono Trigger on Steam with this bad boy.

It is an 8 Button Pad as it incorporates two shoulder buttons for the PC and Switch comparability. It also has a Home and Select button alongside the original Start button for the same reason.

Safe to say I will be ordering a second pad whilst these are still available and I highly recommend them.

If you are interested in any of these pads and want to support this blog then please consider doing so via using the links below. It is hugely appreciated.

Wireless Mega Drive Pad – Clear Blue (works on Mega Drive, Switch, PC, PS3, Mac & Mega Drive Mini)

Wireless Mega Drive Pad – Black (works on Mega Drive, Switch, PC, PS3, Mac & Mega Drive Mini)

Wired Mega Drive Pad – Clear Blue (works on Mega Drive only)

Wired Mega Drive Pad – Black (works on Mega Drive only)