I got the Gamecube when The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker came out, I got the platinum console that came bundled with the game, a few other games that my university roommates picked out and grabbed 3 extra control pads from our local Toys R Us. ALOT of fun was had on this console at uni.

I was recently looking into modding options and was keen to get the EON GCHD MKII adapter that utilises both the digital and analogue port early models of the Gamecube have to produce a digital signal and output this via HDMI to modern TVs.

I found a local chap Based in Norwich who specialises in Purchasing old consoles, taking them apart, deep cleaning them and then customising and modding them up for resale.

I’ve always had a big soft spot the Japanese exclusive Spice Orange Gamecube, so that was an easy choice. I wanted it to be a PAL machine but have the ability to play games from any other region (with my recent bargain pickup of Pac-man Vs. in mind) So we went for the internals of a standard PAL console but with a Xeno modchip installed so it would be region free.

This console is gorgeous, plays fantastic, an incredible library of games and via the EON GCHD adapter, it looks INCREDIBLE.

I can’t wait for my mCable to arrive from the states to just take the edge off the jaggies and it will truly be a sight to behold.