As one of my favourite systems and largest game libraries my Xbox 360 core system has been thoroughly put through its paces since I got it on launch. It suffered the red ring of death early on, and hats off to the way Microsoft went about repairing that and getting my console up and running again. It’s been thrown in the car and brought along to countless game nights / Gears of war link-up sessions / Guitar Hero rock outs.

It’s still standing, and I certainly won’t be getting rid of it, but I’ve been wanting to upgrade it to the later Slim model for a number of reasons.

1. Its days are likely numbered given its age and usage.
2. I really want to run it via HDMI and the original build doesn’t have this.
3. And the biggest reason… It’s SO DAMN LOUD! that fan makes it sound like I’m playing my games on a hovercraft.

So when I found a great deal for the Gears of War-themed console on eBay I pulled the trigger, and it’s a thing of beauty!

The audio clip it plays when it turns on is epic (sorry for the pun) And is from the title screen/lobby, and brings back so many memories of bashing Gears 1 with my mates.