ONRUSH – random pickup

Really enjoying my arcade racers/kart games at present, very easy to pick up and play in short bursts around the lockdown workload and child care. Saw “ONRUSH” fro the Xbox One brand new for £6.95 at TheGameCollection.co.uk, so took a punt on it – will report back.

Klonoa – Wii

Finally got my hands on Klonoa for the Wii. Heard good things about this platformer, a remake of the original PS1 title and finally found it at a reasonable price and pulled the trigger. I’ve played the first 3 levels and I’m enjoying it. It is also something Jasper can enjoy watching as he plays with his toys and books…

Wii U Games… but no console!

The initial pickups for my new console have now arrived, but due to the outbreak, the seller of the console can’t post it until this situation improves. Shame as I got some of these games with this lockdown spell in mind, but hey, first world problems given the situation in the world. Can’t wait to try these!


The Marseille mCable arrived from the States today. Hooked it up to the set up in the lounge via the new HDMI splitter box and put it through its paces. More to come on this in the future, but it really does work, and the further back through the console generations you go the bigger difference it makes. The only…